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Collective landscape work "Acqua e fhore" - Zagarise (CZ)

OPERA COLLETTIVA DI PAESAGGIO “Acqua ‘e fhore” has been an urban regeneration initiative realised by the Pensando Meridiano Association during the cultural festival named I Giardini delle Esperidi, in the Municipality of Zagarise, Italy.

The work was done in 5 days (19-23 Oct. 2016) by 23 young students who recovered a 60 years abandoned wash house from the XIX century. The project relied on place-making, self-building activities, on-field design and 3D printing, materials recycling, community involvement, video and photo storytelling.

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ErgoSud 2017 open school - Belmonte (CS)

Residential rural workshop realised by the Pensando Meridiano Association that focused on territories and landscape regeneration through the active engagement of the local communities and students.

The initiative lasted 3 days on the field after a preparatory week of university laboratories. The school dealt with environmental regeneration and cultural narrative of the castle area of Belmonte Calabro historical village. It was based on 4 laboratories: rural making, video/photo storytelling, additive manufacturing & eco-design, creative cultural projects

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